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Benefits of Using a Filter in Your Shower

Do people know that chlorine present in tap water does more than just tasting like pool water? Chlorine can have a devastating effect on hair when using a shower, making it dull and lifeless. Likewise, it can also make the skin dry and are prone to skin disease. We look at the reasons why its a good idea to have a shower head filter for well water

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A shower filter is needed to remove harmful chemicals present in tap water that can cause health problems. Chlorine and chloramines are skin-irritants that are both removed by the shower filter. Chlorine exposure can damage hair and skin. Like in drinking water, people use shower filters like charcoal filters to remove chlorine and its unpleasant taste, smelly odor, and chemicals. Enjoy the relaxation and enjoyment of a hot shower or cold water shower without irritating the skin when there is a shower filter.

How Do Shower Filters Work?

Unlike freshwater that comes from the spring or deep well, tap water undergoes a water treatment facility to get rid of chemicals that pose an increased risk. Thus, chemicals are already present in the water, such as chlorine. Shower filters purify the shower water by filtering out chlorine and chloramine to reduce skin irritants present in the water. Eliminating the chlorine content makes the water less harsh on the hair and skin. This also removes the smelly chlorinated water caused by the heavy metals in the water.

Various Shower Filtration Techniques

KDF (kinetic degradation fluxion) Filter

They make this kind of shower water filter of copper and zinc. These alloys oppose each other with a small degree of electrical conductivity. The electrical discharge might be too low of energy to be detected by humans. The charge can, however, affect elements in the tap water or hard water. Under load, like electrons, heavier metals such as mercury, lead, and copper will be charged up as well.

This water filtration is necessary to treat the water or chlorinated water. You can use this water filtration to your showers independently or along with an activated carbon filter. The filter may replace previously used silver compounds that remove bacteria.

Silver is shiny and expensive, but in large amounts, it can be toxic. The risk of the metal leaking in water is extremely high, and KDF is, therefore, a more cost-effective choice.

KDF will eliminate substances such as chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, arsenic, and cadmium, along with contaminants like hydrogen chloride, such as viruses, from the water. The shower filter can help us enjoy a fresh showering bath.

Vitamin C Filter

One of the best ways to avoid or overcome chlorine is the use of a Vitamin C filter. The more popular models would eliminate 99% of chlorine, though 93% will do just fine. This innovation will remove not only chlorine but also sediments. Vitamin C also neutralizes the water, making it very effective if chlorine is the main problem.

Multi-layer Carbon Filters

Because of multi-layered carbon filters, which push water through 10 to 12 different media, harmful contaminants can be removed.

How Does It Work?

1. The water passes through a medium made of cotton. The cotton tends to be closely woven, and particles smaller than 0.1—0.3 microns will be too tiny to be seen. This should have the capacity to handle most sediment and larger organisms, i.e., bacteria and viruses.

2. This softens the water through the use of Ionic resins. Molecules of calcium and magnesium should be sequestered here.

3. This filters out lots of chlorine and chloramine out of the water.

4. The remaining processes would sanitize the water and remove the remaining toxins and pathogens.

Filtered Shower Head Benefits

It is a new fad in personal well-being and holistic therapies for people to be using filtered showerheads. People are becoming more educated and concerned about the effect of water used for bathing, especially on health issues. While there are recognized benefits (to using water filters), others may not be readily apparent. Here are the top five reasons to use a shower head filter!

1. Catch cold less often

There are lots of bacteria and microbes present in the showerhead. People cleaning their showerheads should be familiar with this. A shower filter prevents the formation of some of those common cold viruses, and people won’t pick up the common cold viruses when taking a shower.

2. Healthy skin and hair

To protect public health, all water used in commercial establishments and households must undergo a complete purification and treatment process. The method used to ensure that the water is clean is by chlorinating and adding chloramine. Chlorine is known to be an effective bactericide, but it is hazardous to humans.

Even the tiniest of chlorine can have a significant impact on the body. Chlorine will kill the bacteria people want to get rid of as well. When chlorine gets in the body through bathing, the vitamin E and other fatty acids that keep the skin supple are removed. This will cause the skin to get dry, itchy, and worst, acne.

Like the skin, the chlorine present in the water will strip the natural oils of the hair. This will make the hair feeling dry and frizzy. This showerhead gets rid of all the chemicals and leaves the hair squeaky clean and dripping wet.

3. Feel Better

Chlorine has a psychological effect on the body, too. Exposure to chlorine has been associated with fatigue, depression, and lowered immune system in human and animal studies. A shower head will improve the mood and attention of a person. The person becomes more focused and active in what he does.

Throat and lungs can also be irritated upon exposure to chlorine for an extended period. As the heat interacts with the chlorine, it produces gaseous vapor that is inhaled. An extra item like a shower filter that removes chlorine from the water will prevent discomfort.

4. Reduce the Cancer Risk

Chlorine reacts with organic compounds to form Trichloromethanes (THMs). THMs are suspected to be highly carcinogenic and have been found to induce free radical activity in the body that causes cell damage.

Different studies have shown the relationship between THMs and cancer. Breast and bladder cancer are among those who are associated with chlorine byproduct exposure.

5. Look Younger

As mentioned earlier, chlorine can induce the production of free radicals that causes damage to the cell. These free radicals are responsible for visible skin aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and dry skin. This is also similar to the effects of exposure to the sun’s UV rays for long periods. To keep the skin feels smooth and supple, don’t forget to use a showerhead filter.

Importance of Shower Filter

There are lots of available shower filters in the market. While some didn’t even know the purpose of a water filter, the benefits of a shower filter are unknown to everyone. As the name implies, a shower filter simply removes contaminants present in the water to avoid harmful effects on the body. So, why is there a need for a shower filter?

gold shower head on white ceramic bathtub

The Physical Appearance

If a person wants to look younger, a shower filter certainly helps. It’s believed that slightly polluted water can have considerable appearance-altering effects on us. To be more precise, it is the water-soluble minerals that affect our skin and hair. Thus, a filtered water is really necessary, especially if the water supply is not reliable.

While others believe that the looks can reflect the ego, purchasing a water filter to improve the water quality is essential. Contaminants on the water like chlorine will make some people feel irritated, let alone wiry hair strands. Whether or not a showerhead water filter is required depends on the user’s priorities.

The Health Benefits

People are becoming aware of the health concerns and issues associated with water use in the body. It is believed that shower filters are more effective at reducing chlorine levels than dealing with other disinfectants. Hot water can also transform chlorine into gas, which penetrates the body through the eyes, skin, and respiratory system.

Exposure to chlorine can lead to several symptoms, including stuffiness, breathing difficulties, sore throat, cough, red eyes, and skin irritation. First and foremost, a shower filter is entirely essential. Having a filtration system at home can prevent the risk of breast cancer caused by harmful chemicals.

Shower Filter Replacement

Most shower filters are made and designed to last only for a limited time. This number varies by product type. Some last for years, while others may just be a matter of months for showerheads; six months is the most common.

The standard shower filter can accommodate up to six months of regular use. Typical use is often described as the usage of a family of four who bathes together each day.

There is one more thing to keep in mind: Shower filters’ life capacity is approximately the same as that of batteries. As long as that level is surpassed, it will be of no use. To better experience, the benefits of a shower filter, make sure to replace it regularly.

Replacing the shower filter can offer the best shower experience. The water could be beneficial, especially to your skin. The water may cause irritation because of the unfiltered shower and the chlorine as well.

Regular Shower Head Cleaning

As time passes by, the showerhead may not be on the same performance when it is newly installed. Mineral deposits build up on the showerhead, which causes a clogged nozzle. It is usually the effect of low water flow and pressure. When this happens, regular cleaning of a showerhead must be done.

To clean the showerhead, brush the nozzle or simply massage the nozzle to remove mineral buildup. If the showerhead cannot be removed from the pipe, soak it in vinegar for about an hour every day.


As the famous saying says that health is wealth, people are becoming health-conscious nowadays. While most are investing in health supplements, one must also consider investing in items that will benefit the body’s overall health appearance.

A shower filter is really a good buy with health issues. Different contaminants are present in the water, so it is vital to purify the water before contact with the skin. Thus, it is necessary and could help to have shower filter in your house. It does not only benefit the water but also the air.

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How To Install a Great Shower Filter

shower filter

When people consider a product for use, the suitability of the device must be ensured in the particular situation before taking the further step to installing it.  It is important that if the shower filters for well water or any other product needs constant attention, then it must be suitably designed to make for easy removal or for easy access to the active part.  The role of proper design has played a good part in the choice of a proper solution no matter the area it is being used.

The particular type of water quality in use

That most people do not have much control over the exact type of water being supplied in an area and to some extent it is true that this could be an aspect that is outside the control of anybody affected.  The usual case is that the water is being supplied by the municipality or even the corporation authorities and most local bodies have standards of water quality that is being followed more or less diligently.  Thus it could be an aspect of the water supply that for all good sense is totally outside the control of those that get to use the water.

          Chlorine Filtering

filter shower

: If there is a common feature of water supplies right across the world it is the presence of chlorine that is best suited as a cleansing agent. No matter how sophisticated a process is employed, there is bound to be the traces of chlorine in the water and this is not desirable for the taste as well as the health features that chlorine in the water brings about.  In the long run the traces of chlorine do create effects on the hair and skin that does affect those who are health consciousness.

  Hardness of water filtering

: Hardness of water is produced by trace amounts of certain compounds that get to dissolve in the water as it moves through the earth and is for the good part totally not within control at any time.  It is also a fact that the degree of hardness and also the constituent of hardness does differ in each locality and the water supply does try to remove the most offending of hardness from the water before supplying it for consumption.

Choosing a proper shower filter

The shower filter must be so chosen as to satisfy the needs of the situation at best.  Thus the filter must be able to handle the cases of excess occurrence of chlorine as well as hardness of water suitably.  Since these two occurrences are more localized in appearance it is best to adopt a filter that can best provide a quality of water.

Despite following the best operational practices it is never possible to completely eliminate the issues of water quality and it is a continuing process for the most household across cities and towns all over the world.  It could be said that in choosing a proper shower filter, care must be exercised in using a technology that can be serviced easily and that does not involve something of a rocket science to implement.

Most towns and cities do have outlets of major water treatment companies of the world and it is possible to have proper attention at any time of the day.  This could not be true of the less developed areas of the country and region that could see a fair bit of delay in the arrival of proper trained attention to address some issue.  So, if from the very start a focus to keeping the method simple and easy to understand is adopted, then it might as well be possible for the common folks to operate and keep the set up in working order, even if it is an emergency situation alone.

The advent of modular design

There has been an increased focus on keeping technology in the modular form.  This has the advantage that the different aspects of a filter are differentiated into separable parts and kept in isolation of each other.  When something was to go wrong the entire module is changed at once.  This approach has the benefit that things are much easier to understand and handle.  It also makes it unnecessary to have a thorough understanding of the whole works but a workable knowledge is sufficient.

It must be said that the modular approach has had benefits to any field that it is being applied to including the use of modular filters that can be upgraded and changed with the different water types available at a location.  Thus the entire system is simplified and made easier to work with.  Most modular filters are handled by the very owners of the property and this approach has been found to be sufficient as well in the circumstances as well.

The importance of a right fit for the shower filter

That any solution to handle the situations that arise with issues of water quality; must be in tune with the requirements of the situation.  At times the supplier would try to push through a more complex solution than the situation would demand and in such cases the customer is within his rights to refuse it.  There is bound to be easy reference material on any given type of filter that can be accessed in some public forum at any time that it is needed.

Since the most part of a human body is make of water, some 70% by weight, it is crucial a proper water supply is used to provide for the daily needs.  Compromising on water quality is bound to bring with it added diseases and illness that could lead to more expense to rectify as well as the lost work output.  Thus the water quality must be given its due in all circumstances and every effort taken to keep it clean as it possible could be.

It is safe to be on the better side of caution to take a few preventive steps than spend a lot more time and money trying to set right a condition or disease.

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What are the Best Ways to Fix Low Water Pressure in Your Home?

What are the Best Ways to Fix Low Water Pressure in Your Home?

Are you facing the problem of low water pressure? Do you find your showers extremely unsatisfying? Are you beginning to learn to live with low pressure?  

Well, we don’t think you need to. Instead, you can attempt fixing the low water pressure running down your taps and showerheads. There are many DIY ways to fix low water pressure in your home. Giving them a try saves you a lot of time, money, and everyday frustration. If you end up not solving the issue the best way is best shower head for low water pressure

So, why live with low water pressure if there are multiple ways to enjoy healthy pressure? Here goes a list of some tried-and-tested ways to fix low water pressure on your own:

1.    Test the Water Pressure

Start by testing the water pressure in your home. As per experts and government regulations, the standard water pressure should be between 50 and 60 psi.

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. This is a common unit used to measure water pressure.

There are many tools available for homeowners to check their water pressure. All you need to do is get a test gauge that comes with a hose connection. Here’s how you can test water pressure:

  • Turn off all your water faucets and any other appliances using water, such as dishwasher, washing machine, etc.
  • Screw the test gauge onto a hose faucet
  • Turn the tap on
  • The device shows the measure of water pressure flowing through the tap

Yes, it’s as simple as that!

If the device reads 40 or 45 psi, you are experiencing low water pressure. Between 50 and 60 psi is good water pressure.

So, now that you have tested the water pressure, you can choose what steps to take next.

2.    Check all the Faucets in Your Home

If you are noticing low water pressure in one faucet, the problem might be with the faucet instead of the water pressure.

So, proceed to check all the faucets and fixtures in your home. This helps determine if the faucet or water pressure is at fault.

In case only one faucet is supplying low pressure of water, you should look for potential damages to your faucet.

However, if the case applies to all the faucets, low water pressure is affecting your entire home. You need to check the main supply line to come up with the problem.

3.    Talk to Your Neighbours

The next important thing you should do is talking to your neighbors. Usually, people shower at the same time in the morning before going to work or school. This leads to lower water pressure in every home as the main water supply line is the same.

So, if you and your neighbors have a similar water usage schedule, this is a potential reason behind low water pressure in your home.

Moreover, they might be facing the same problem. If the issue of low water pressure persists within your neighborhood, your city’s municipal water system is faulty.

Just like pipes running around your home, municipal pipes can also be experiencing leaks, clogging, corrosion, or such common problems.

If only you are facing low water pressure problems, you should focus on your home instead of the main supply line.

4.    Remove Clogging

Over time, water pipes get clogged due to sediment, debris, or mineral accumulation. Water running through your pipes contain a number of minerals and sediments. No matter how good the filtration system is, some of these particles make their way out.

This results in clogging in the pipes and on fixtures.

It is easy to clean your faucets at home to remove clogging. Here’s how:

  • Remove your faucets carefully
  • Soak them in a vinegar filled zip-lock bag
  • Let it soak overnight
  • Rinse off your soaked parts in the morning
  • Fix the tap/shower head back together

In the case of light clogging, this definitely works and improves water pressure.

However, if using vinegar does not work, this indicated heavy clogging at multiple points in your waterline. Maybe not only the faucet but pipes are also clogged from entry or exit point. In this case, you need to replace your pipe.

If you do not have any prior experience, a professional can handle the replacement.

5.    Look for Signs of Corrosion in Plumbing

Low water pressure also stems from corroded or galvanized pipes. Over time, signs of corrosion appear on the pipes, resulting in the narrowed stream for water flow. Thus, the narrower the internal diameter, the lesser the water that can pass through.

If they are too corroded to allow enough water to pass through the faucet, it is time to replace your pipes. This is the only way to get a healthy flow of water.

6.    Flush the Water Heater

Expert plumbers suggest flushing your water heater at least once a year. The water heater comes attached to your water tank.

Like pipes, the inlets and outlets of the tank also experience blockage due to sediment build-up. This can be eliminated through flushing, simply known as a thorough cleaning.

To flush your water heater, close the inlet and open all the outlets. This will drain all the water from the tank. Pour 1-gallon vinegar through the anode opening. Fill the tank with hot water and let it rest for at least 24 hours.

Vinegar will dissolve all the minerals, debris, and sediments. Drain the tank again and let the fresh water fill.

7.    Adjust Water Pressure Regulator

Homes with water coming from municipal supply lines have a water pressure regulator attached next to the main water meter.

You can adjust the water pressure regulator using a wrench pipe. Turn the nut on the top of the water regulator in a clockwise direction. However, do not turn it too tightly.

Follow by testing the water pressure to see if it has improved.


Low water pressure results from clogging, leaks, loose water pressure regulator or a problem in the main supply line. As you attempt all the DIY ways to fix low water pressure, it should solve the problem.

If none of these ways work, hire a plumber or contact your municipal supplier.

What are the Best Low Pressure Showerheads – 2021 Guide

20% of the water consumption of an American household accounts for showering. This means that an average family uses up to 40 gallons of water in the shower every day.

As per the national statistics, 1.3 trillion gallons of water is used up in showering alone in a year. This much amount of water is enough to fulfill the water needs of New York and New Jersey for over 18 months.

There’s a red flag. We need to conserve water!

As per the estimates of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), installing low-pressure showerheads is one of the best ways to save water. Most of the best low pressure shower head use less than 2 gallons per minute (GPM).

Read on to understand the basic problems of a low pressure water and some best low-pressure showerheads on the market today!

Features of a Low Pressure Showerhead

Installing a low-pressure showerhead does not mean you are going to have unsatisfactory showers. Instead, it makes sure you use only the right amount of water required for a shower. Here are significant features of a low-pressure showerhead:

Versatility of Types

Low-pressure showerheads come in different types. The most common ones include a regular showerhead and a handheld showerhead. So, you can either mount it to your conventional shower or attach the handheld model to a flexible hose.

Just pick the type that goes well with your installed design and leave the mechanics to the professional!

Efficient Water Flow

These showerheads deliver an efficient flow of water. Many low-pressure showerheads come with pressure restrictors so that you receive the same pressure, no matter whether the pressure at the backend is increasing or not.

Adjustable Spray Settings

Low-pressure showerheads offer adjustable spray settings. From narrow to wide, spray, pulse and so on, there are multiple settings in a single showerhead.

This caters to your family needs if every member needs a different kind of spray.

Manufacturers usually set unique names for their spray settings.

Shutoff Feature

Many low-pressure showerheads are equipped with a handy shutoff feature. As you press the shutoff button present at the head, it results in even minimum water spraying out. Meanwhile, you can soap your kids or pets, etc.

No Wastage while Water Warms Up

Some of such showerheads come with an ingenious valve. This helps warm the water up before you step into the shower while the water only trickles down.

As the water reaches the right temperature, you can flip the valve for a full water supply.

This advanced feature saves a lot of water and energy!

The 5 Best Low Pressure Showerheads Reviews

Here goes a list of our top picks for the best low-pressure showerheads:

1.    High Sierra’s Metal Low Flow Showerhead

This is an award-winning metal showerhead from the house of High Sierra. The manufacturer claims that the showerhead saves up to 40 percent of water.

You can choose among three water pressures – 1.5, 1.8, and 2.0 GPM. Lower the pressure, the higher the amount of water conserved!


  • The showerhead features a large droplet spray design
  • The showerhead is fixed but can be adjusted at different angles.
  • It is constructed of stainless steel and brass, showcasing an all-metal design.
  • It comes certified by WaterSense and California Energy Commission.


  • Low water flow yet great performance
  • Adjusting swivel
  • Three water pressure options


  • Narrow spray pattern
  • A noisy little operation

2.    Delta Low Flow Showerhead

Delta Low Flow Showerhead brings us two spray options – 1.85 GPM or 2.5 GPM. You can change the water flow to the desired level in an instant. If you are in a mood for heavy flow, increase the pressure, and if you are looking for a relaxing shower, lower it to 1.85 GPM.


  • It uses H2O kinetic technology, which reduces water consumption by 20 percent
  • The toggle on the side helps control the volume of water easily
  • The fantastic chrome finish goes well with traditional or modern design


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Basic and affordable unit


  • Not adjustable

3.    Niagara Conservation Sava Spa

Niagara Conservation Sava Spa is another unique, low-pressure showerhead that brings you the experience of a spa shower at home. The shower head is 4.4 inches wide, with 39 nozzles designed neatly. This provides a fine spray, offering an amazing showering experience!


  • It comes with a 360-degree ball joint to adjust the angle
  • It is made of corrosion-resistant thermoplastic material
  • It features a pressure compensator restricting the flow to 1.75 GPM


  • Meets ASME manufacturing standards
  • Saves up to 40% water


  • Only one water pressure option
  • White color may deteriorate over time

4.    Niagara Conservation Earth Massage

Niagara Conservation Earth Massage offers the best of both worlds as it features a two-in-one design. You can choose to leave your shower static or use it as a handheld showerhead. It has a 72-inch long hose to offer a higher degree of flexibility.


  • It features three spray options – needle, massage, and both
  • It meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards
  • Twisting the showerhead changes the spray type
  • It comes with a corrosion-resistant mounting bracket made of ABS thermoplastic


  • Adjustable design
  • Streamlined and durable
  • 10-year warranty


  • Prone to leakage

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best low-pressure showerhead, you need to be very vigilant. As it is a critical investment, make sure you weigh all the pros and cons. The most important factors to keep in consideration are water pressures, spray settings, fixed/adjustable or handheld design, material, warranty, and certification.

Keep it in mind that a low-pressure showerhead offers numerous benefits. You can conserve water while saving up on utility bills. Also, you can enjoy versatile designs and multiple spray options. This way, a single showerhead can cater to the needs of your children and pets alike.

If you find yourself confused among options, choose any one of the low-pressure showerhead reviewed above. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a low-pressure showerhead today and enter the water conservation race!

Why Buying a High-pressure Shower head is a Good Idea?

No one likes lousy water pressure, especially in the shower, it causes a lot of pain and misery. Everybody should be able to enjoy a refreshing morning shower. But best shower head for low pressure can cause you to spend almost 30 minutes in washing out the shampoo and conditioner from your hair. Unfortunately, that is the case in many households. The water pressure is less than ideal most of the time. Mobile homes, yachts, rural homes and high-rise apartments usually experience low water pressure. The following are a few reasons why your shower has low water pressure.

  • Faulty initial fixture installation
  • Sediment or debris from the city water system
  • Elevation of the storage tank
  • Low-flow shower heads
  • Blocked shower heads
  • Closed valves

A solution to low-pressure water?

If you are frustrated with the low pressure of the water in your shower head, you might be thinking about doing something extreme such as replacing your entire water supply system. But do you really have to spend hundreds of dollars just to enjoy a rejuvenating shower? We don’t think so. The solution could be as simple as changing your outdated and worn out shower head with the best high-pressure shower head out there.

If you are a fan of Seinfeld then you might know that that is exactly what Jerry and Kremer did to solve their problem of low water pressure. High-pressure shower heads will increase the existing water pressure and allow you to enjoy the basic pleasure of a long shower with good water pressure. High-pressure shower heads optimize the water flow irrespective of the water pressure in your area.

If you are a nature lover, you might be thinking, “but I don’t want to waste water” and you don’t have to. If you buy a high-quality shower head, you’ll be able to enjoy good water pressure and still save water. High-pressure shower heads let you wash quickly. This way your shower times and the volume of water are both cut down significantly. This automatically means that you’ll save money on water bills. You can save that cash and use it on other home repairs. One health benefit of the high-pressure shower head is that they naturally give you massage therapy. High water pressure with different patterns on your body feels soothing and relieves your sore muscles after a long and tiring day. So, what are you thinking about? If it is the budget you are worried about, then don’t be. Most of the high-quality shower heads that we came across cost less than $40.

However, be mindful of the law in your state. In some states, the local law may prohibit you from installing a high-pressure shower head. California has strict shower heads requirements because of the drought problems there. Other states with drought issues might have restrictive regulations. Be sure to check the local plumbing code before buying the shower head. A new shower head with the same GPM (gallons per minute) might be able to help you. So to answer the question above, yes, high-pressure shower heads can solve your low water pressure issue.

Some good shower heads

Below are some of the high-quality shower heads that you could consider:

  • WASSA High-Pressure Shower Head
  • HO2ME High-Pressure Shower Head
  • Sparkpod High-Pressure Shower Head

What to look for in a good high-pressure shower head?

If you are thinking about going on shopping for a high-pressure shower head, then there are a few functional and design elements that you must keep in mind.

Flow rate

Flow rate that is given in gallons per minute (GPM) is the amount of water that flows through your shower head. Standard shower heads have a GPM of 2.5. This means that your shower head delivers 25 gallons of water in 10 minutes. Local governments regulate these numbers to save water. Environment-friendly shower heads labeled as WaterSense by EPA (environment protection agency) use no more than 2 gallons per minute and provide you experience that equals the good shower heads available in the market.

Spray pattern

Water pressure determines how forceful the water spray will be, while the spray pattern determines the comfort delivered by the shower head. The spray pattern of many shower heads is adjustable. Some even provide about 7 to 8 pattern options. This could include a powerful stream, gentle mist, pulsating massage, soaking rain or a combination of these and more. 


There are four basic shower head designs, which include: handheld, wall-mounted, rain and three way shower head. The type that works for you depends upon your personal preference, bathroom size and layout. Think about your needs and that of your family and choose a design accordingly.


Finish of the shower head decides its aesthetics. The choices in this regard are diverse. You should choose one that goes with the style of your bathroom hardware, such as toilet flush level, drawer pulls, sink faucet and towel racks, etc.

Energy-saving features

According to statistics, on average showers use 17% of your home water. According to EPA WaterSense shower heads help you save 3,000 gallons of water per year. When you are buying the shower head, don’t listen to the manufacturer but check for WaterSense labels. Such shower heads approved by EPA provide equal or even better experience compared to the conventional shower heads.


Showers with low water pressure are just annoying. There could be many reasons as to why you have low water pressure, but in most cases, replacing the shower head with high pressure, one could solve your problem. High-pressure shower heads provide you a better showering experience. The increased water pressure feels great on the skin, and it also helps you clean quickly. High-pressure shower heads use about 1/5 less water than their traditional counterparts. Because they use less water, there is less water to heat. So, you automatically save energy and money too. That is why it is a good idea to buy a high-pressure shower head.


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10 Best Shower Heads for Low Pressure

Taking a shower is only as refreshing as it should be when the water pressure is high, and the gushing water bounces off your skin taking away all the stress with it. Nobody enjoys weak pressure showers; it is neither refreshing nor satisfying; rather, it’s annoying when the water does not reach you fully.

The fault can be either related to your filtration system, mineral deposits in the pipe, or inefficient showerhead. For more invigorating experience, you should try replacing the current shower head to a more powerful and efficient one.

To guide you in that matter, we have reviewed some of the best shower heads for high pressure to help you make the best out of low-pressure water supply and have erected a buying guide to assist you in making an informed decision. Let’s look into it.

Low Pressure shower head buyers guide

1) low pressure shower head Size

The size will define how much area the flowing water will cover. We would suggest you go for the head with a size of 5 inches or more for comprehensive coverage. To make it clear, the bigger does not always mean higher pressure; sometimes, it is the other way around.

2) low pressure shower head Quality

Some heads made with substandard material deforms when you move them a lot and start to leak. As a result, pressure is reduced again. So, make sure their quality is top-notch and, if possible, go through the review section to understand the customer satisfaction ratio.

Out of all, we would suggest the ones made with stainless steel, as they are highly durable.

3) low pressure shower head Price  

The price depends entirely on the quality and the material — for instance, the ABS plastic shower heads are cheaper than the stainless-steel ones.

4) low pressure shower head Appearance

The appearance matters even though it has nothing to with the performance of the product. The looks should complement your bathroom’s interior and color; otherwise, the Best shower head would just stand out — which will look awkward. also some are led lighting shower head

Best Shower Heads for low Pressure

1) Delta 2-Spray low pressure shower head Water Amplifying

Delta 2-Spray Shower Head Water Amplifying

It is considered as a water-saving Best shower head; it uses 36% less water while giving an almost similar outcome, which is impressive on so many levels. It will reduce your overall water consumption while still giving the perfectly refreshing showers.

The showerhead comes with dual flow settings — meaning, it can meet the needs of multiple users. It operates at 1.85 and 2.5 gallons per minute so, if your roommate or any member of your family doesn’t want high-pressure showers, they can simply switch to the lower settings. How convenient is that?

On higher settings, Delta’s H20kinetic technology gives out high-pressure spray, that comes out in an artistic pattern, covering 3 times more area than average showerheads. You can switch between basic and high option by using the volume control settings present behind the faucet.

low pressure shower head shower head Pros

  • The surface is rust-resistant due to chrome finish.
  • shower heads for low pressure and high-pressure modes are convenient.
  • shower heads can be installed quickly.
  • shower heads Minerals do not deposit in the nozzle fast.

shower heads Cons

  • There is no mark to indicate which mode the shower heads is currently on.
  • It sometimes leaks at the seams.
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2) YOO.MEE Pressure Handheld Shower Heads

YOO.MEE High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head

The brushed nickel finish surface does not let it rust and deform, ensuring durability. Moreover, the combination of high-end ABS plastic and stainless-steel hose does not let the mount get scratched or cracked.

YOO.MEE’s design shower heads instantly sprays water with strength making it a perfect solution to the low-pressure water supply. The powerful spray alleviates muscle pain in a blink and helps you rinse the shampoo off your scalp faster. But if you feel the flow is stronger than you need, then flow, regulator, allows you to adjust it. 

It can be used as both; handheld and wall-fitted shower head depending upon your preference. But it can easily fall off if bumped during the shower.

high pressure shower heads Pros

  • It can be used as a handheld showerhead.
  • Multiple flow regulatory settings are available.
  • Nickel-finish surface ensures longevity.
  • The installation is pretty easy.

shower head for low Cons

  • It falls during showers, which can be annoying.
  • You might need Teflon tape at the seams to prevent leakage.

3) AquaDance 7″ Premium High Pressure shower head

AquaDance 7" Premium High Pressure

With this, you’d be welcoming a rainstorm in your bathroom, as it comes with 6 variable shower settings (Pulsating massage, power rain, power mist, rain mist, rain massage, water-saving pause mode), each having unique spray strength and pattern.

It comes with two faucets; one bigger wall-mounted and another handheld showerhead. With this, you can wash the rest of your body attentively while still, the main shower is running. Both have all six settings mentioned above that can be selected with the help of three different valves.

Both heads are pretty easy to clean, and due to smart design, the lime does not build up fast.

shower head for low pressure Pros

  • The water-saving mode helps you lower your overall water consumption.
  • Having two separate heads is a convenient design.
  • The chrome finish does not let rust build-up.
  • 6 spray modes make your showers more enjoyable.

shower head for low pressure Cons

  • With both heads on, the pressure decreases.
  • The handheld shower is not as powerful as the wall-mounted one.
  • There is no indication of 6-settings on the valve.

4) Speakman S-2005-HB 2.5 GPM Adjustable Shower head for Low

Speakman S-2005-HB 2.5 GPM Adjustable Shower

The state-of-the-art design and the polished surface go with most of the bathroom interiors. So, you might not have to think twice in this domain. The chrome-finish surface not only just looks but also serves as a scratch and rust-resistant barrier.

Despite its compact build, it gives out a flow rate of 2.5 gallons that rivals even the highest-rated products. That’s not just it, the Speakman S-2005 carries Anystream Technology, which allows it to distribute water evenly through all modes — intense, massage and combination.

You can transition between modes by simply using a rotating valve present at the back of the faucet. On the whole, this marvelous device meets even the most demanding expectations.  

shower head Pros

  • The spray strength is incredible.
  • It has multiple modes to have more interesting showers.
  • It comes in various metallic finishes — chrome polish, chrome brushed, nickel finish.
  • The installation is hassle-free.

shower head Cons

  • There is no indication of modes on the valve.
  • There are few spray-adjustable settings.  
  • It wastes water instead of saving it.

5) G-Promise High-Pressure Shower Head Premium

G-Promise High-Pressure Shower Head Premium

It is a two in one shower head; it can be handheld and also mounted on the wall. But unlike average dual shower heads which fall with the slightest bump, it stays in place due to a strong metal mount. G-Promise has an alluring chrome finish that protects it from rust and scratches.

With a quick rotation of the lever, you can choose between six interesting wave patterns (Rainfall, circular massage, power massage, rainfall + power massage, water saves trickle, and rainfall + circular massage mode) that come with varying pressure.

You can install the whole mount without calling the plumber; all you would require is a wrench and an instruction manual.

handheld shower head shower head Pros

  • handheld shower head does fall easily because of the strong mount.
  • The surface rejects rust.
  • 6 modes enhance your shower experience.
  • It can be installed by using a simple wrench.

handheld shower head shower head Cons

  • handheld shower head direction of the spray changes with even the slightest impact.
  • It is hard to find which mode is currently on.

6) Aqua Elegante 3-Inch High-Pressure Shower Head

Aqua Elegante 3-Inch High-Pressure Shower Head

Are you tired of leaning close to the shower head to feel the low water pressure? Then try Aqua Elegante shower head that transforms low pressure into jet-like water spray with its smartly-engineered nozzle. The flow rate isn’t just its only forte; the nozzle also cleans itself and doesn’t let the water go hard.

Don’t underestimate this product just because of its simple appearance — from the hose to the end of the nozzle; the shower head smart engineering restricts the normal flow of water. As a result, you get incredibly high-speed water sprays.

On top of all, the rubberized shower head ends and high-end construction keep corrosion away, making it one of the most durable products on this listicle.


  • shower head performs incredibly well.
  • shower head rubberized shower ends make it more durable.
  • shower head Due to its self-cleaning technology, it saves you from a lot of trouble.
  • shower head provides high-pressure sprays.


  • There are no adjustable spray modes.
  • You have to remove the showerhead to adjust the pressure.  

7) SparkPod Shower Head – High-Pressure Rain

SparkPod Shower Head - High-Pressure Rain

The problem with most shower heads is that they cannot cover your whole body so that no part is left exposed. But with SparkPod, you can completely envelop it in warm water and relax for as long as you want it — you wouldn’t have to change sides to soak your whole body.

Even with this shower head large spray cone, the shower head maintains high pressure and keeps water wastage to a minimum. This luxurious shower head comes with a single pressure adjustable setting, which might not be enough, but It helps you change the atmosphere slightly.


  • shower head covers a wide area with its huge shower head.
  • Even with larger coverage, it does not reduce pressure.
  • shower head has a stunning design.
  • shower head overall construction is strong and sturdy.


  • The pressure can only be adjusted by removing the showerhead.
  • shower head does not have enough spray settings.
  • shower head does not perform well within the limited shower area.

8) ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Grade Rainfall Shower Head

ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa Grade Rainfall Shower

Another masterpiece shower heads that gives out wide spray coverage with its massive showerhead. While doing so, it even maintains high pressure giving you a memorable shower experience. The nickel finish surface is resistive against corrosion, and the whole shower can be set up in a blink of an eye without any tools.

Thanks to multiple restrictor valves present within the body; it can give out superior low water pressure. However, you can only alter the low water pressure by removing the restrictor valves and changing them, which might not be the best way to do it, but it works.


  • The wide shower head lets you completely immerse in water.
  • Due to nickel finish, shower head does not corrode.
  • The shower head water pressure remains high even with wide coverage.
  • The installation can be done in a couple of minutes.
  • Great for low water pressure


  • The spray pattern cannot be changed.
  • To change pressure, you have to open up the showerhead.
  • It is not a good option for tiny shower spaces.

9) Take A Shower LLC Best low water pressure Shower Head

Take A Shower LLC Best Shower Head

It is a blend of attractive design and powerful engineering. Due to its powerful water jets, the company has nicknamed it “The Original Fire Hydrant,” which is fitting for its performance. The build has restrictor valves everywhere that increase the pressure to a whole new level. fantastic for low water pressure.

If the low water pressure is too much to handle, you can simply adjust it using the nozzle — rotate the nozzle to one side to increase and the other to decrease the flow rate. This way, you can even keep track of the settings without any indicators.

Furthermore, the tinnier built to make it an easy choice for people having a smaller shower space.


  • The flow rate can be adjusted.
  • Awesome for low water pressure
  • The control settings are easy to use.
  • It provides incredibly high-pressure.
  • It has an attractive design.


  • The coverage isn’t wide enough due to the smaller shower head.
  • It does not have adjustable spray pattern settings.

10) KASUNY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Set

KASUNY High-Pressure Handheld Shower Set

With superior design and exceptional versatility, the KASUNY showerhead deserved to be on our list. It can be both; mounted on the wall and used as a handheld shower. However, the mount isn’t strong enough, and it may frequently fall — a persistent flaw in the structure. 

It comes with adjustable pressure settings to meet the need of various users. But to change it, you must remove the restrictor valves manually. In addition to that, you can even change the spray pattern by using any three interesting spray settings (jet, wide, and combination).


  • A two-in-one option is convenient.
  • The spray pattern can be adjusted.
  • It has an impressive design.
  • It can be installed within minutes.
  • pretty good to fix low water pressure


  • You can accidentally knock it over.
  • To change pressure, you have to remove the restrictor valves manually.

Small Buying Guide

Let us enlighten you more about showerheads to help you choose better for yourself:

  1. Types of showerheads

Wall-mounted showerheads:

These are the most commonly used shower heads that are mounted on the wall, having a wide range of sizes. Some of the most versatile models have variable settings to change the flow-rate and pattern of the spray.

Handheld showerheads:

They are mounted on the wall but can be removed and move around. They come in handy while showering in a bathtub or cleaning a pet. They are usually smaller in size than the wall-mounted models to make mobility easier.

Dual shower heads:

Such models include both; a wall-mounted showerhead and a handheld showerhead attached. These models are the rarest and the most efficient ones, thus, the most expensive.

Ceiling or raining shower heads:

As the name implies, they are constructed in a way that the showerhead comes exactly on the top of the person’s head. They easily immerse the whole body having a wide spray coverage.

Adjustable low water pressure showerheads:

With these, the distance between the person and the showerhead is adjustable.

  1. Minimum Low water pressure requirement:

Showerheads are an effective way to solve the low water pressure water supply problem. But they are only effective to a certain degree. For instance, if your water source does not have enough pressure, even these showerheads won’t be able to work properly.

The low water pressure should be between 40psi to 60 psi; otherwise, it would be a waste of money to invest in a new shower head.

  1. Types of sprays:

Many shower heads, including the ones we have mentioned above, incorporates variable spray settings. To understand better, here are a few common types of sprays:

  • Targeted: Fewer nozzles are used to shoot water with power in a smaller area.
  • Wide: All the nozzles are used to cover the whole body of the person.
  • Pulsating: The water is releasing in variable patterns.
  • Rinse: Certain nozzles are used to pour water out for soaking.


Each discussed product can give you an experience worth having. Some of them are better at covering your whole-body whole others give you options to change spray patterns and pressure. By analyzing comparatively, we have chosen AquaDance 7″ Premium shower head to be our top pick.

The six different spray settings alone would be enough to give you an invigorating shower experience — every setting hits your skin differently, and it would be like getting high-end massages. Other than that, the spray strength also has our highest appreciation.

You can use both heads simultaneously or separately; the choice is all yours. But by using the heads at the same time, the pressure decreases drastically. However, its many impressive features overshadow its flaws.

Lastly, we should mention that most showerheads have standard pipe sizes. In case you have a custom- set up, you might need a custom-built adaptor as well.

choosing a top shower head


How to choose a top shower head for you bathroom renovation might be the question that you have a hard time answering because you might not know what a top shower head is. A top shower head is that item in your shower that sprinkles water so that you can take a shower properly. It is very useful and without it, taking a shower would be very hard for you and that is why here are some tips to help you choose a shower filter for hard water.

Tips on choosing a top shower head

  • Durability

When you choose your top shower head, it is very important that you consider the durability of the top shower head. The reason for this is because it will always be used every day since you will take a bath every day. If you choose something that cannot withstand the pressure of the water, then it will break easily.

  • Size

The size is also something you have to check because there are different sizes in a top shower head and the size that you may buy might not be enough to cover your body with water.

  • Shape

There is a top shower head that has the shape of a flat circle while others have the shape of a square. There are even those cylinder types of top shower heads.There are a variety of shapes when it comes to the top shower head and if you are going to renovate your bathroom then you should make sure to choose the right shape of top shower head.

  • Features

The top shower head has evolved itself from a piece of simple equipment that spits out water into a fashionable item in your bathroom. The reason for this is because there are other waterfall shower heads that have lights on them or if you have a pressure problem you might need to consider a best high pressure shower head Some only have one color while others have a variety of colors. There are even some that can change direction for your convenience.

  • Price

The price of your top shower head will also be something that you have to consider because you might be shocked when you are about to pay for it. Checking the price will be something you have to consider because you might not have enough money to pay for the one that you chose.

How to choose a top shower head for your bathroom renovation may not be easy and can be sometimes hard for you especially if you are not accustomed to bathroom renovations, but now you know the tips to choosing your top shower heads so when you are about to go shopping for top shower head then you can just go inside the shop and out without wasting your time or your energy. You should also enjoy choosing it because it can be the reason to put your bathroom renovation together. dont forget about choosing a good shower filter to go with it

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